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New Old Stock NOS an in-depth dive into what exactly you can expect

New Old Stock NOS an in-depth dive into what exactly you can expect

New Old Stock" (NOS) military surplus refers to military equipment, gear, or supplies that were produced for military use but were never used or issued. These items are typically stored for an extended period, often in surplus warehouses, and then later become available for sale. The term "new old stock" emphasizes that the items are new and unused, despite being older in terms of production.

Military surplus can include a wide range of items such as clothing, uniforms, equipment, tools, vehicles, and more. These items may be sold through various channels, including government surplus auctions, military surplus stores, and online platforms.

Collectors, enthusiasts, and individuals looking for durable and reliable gear often find military surplus items appealing due to their quality, ruggedness, and sometimes unique designs. Additionally, military surplus can be more affordable compared to similar items produced for civilian use.

If you're interested in acquiring new old stock military surplus, you can explore online military surplus stores, auction websites, or local surplus shops. Keep in mind that availability and the specific items offered can vary, so it's a good idea to do some research and check multiple sources for the best options.


"New Old Stock" refers to items that are old in terms of their manufacturing date but are new and unused. These items were produced and acquired for a specific purpose, in this case, for military use, but for various reasons, they were never utilized.


Military surplus arises when armed forces or defense contractors produce more equipment, gear, or supplies than they end up needing. This excess can occur due to changes in military strategy, technological advancements, or the cancellation of specific programs.


Instead of being discarded, the surplus items are often stored in warehouses, depots, or military bases. These storage facilities are crucial for maintaining a reserve of equipment that can be quickly mobilized in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

Age of Items:

The term "old" in NOS military surplus doesn't necessarily mean the items are outdated or obsolete. It simply indicates that these items were produced in the past and have been in storage for an extended period. Some items may be from decades ago, while others might be more recent.


One of the key features of NOS military surplus is that the items are in pristine condition. They have not been used or issued, so they often retain their original packaging and show minimal signs of wear or aging. This makes them appealing to collectors, enthusiasts, and individuals looking for reliable gear.


NOS military surplus becomes available to the public through various channels. Government surplus auctions, military surplus stores, and online platforms are common avenues for the sale of these items. Collectors and outdoor enthusiasts often seek out NOS military surplus for its quality, durability, and historical value.

Types of Items:

Military surplus encompasses a wide range of items, including clothing, uniforms, footwear, camping gear, tools, vehicle parts, and more. The specific items available can vary based on what was surplus at the time and what has been released for public sale.


NOS military surplus is often more affordable compared to similar items produced for civilian use. This affordability, coupled with the reputation for durability and functionality, contributes to the popularity of military surplus among certain consumer groups.

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