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Our EDC Pouches | How We UpCycle

Our EDC Pouches | How We UpCycle

We here at Better Bushcraft are constantly getting new camouflage patterns in. Sometimes with Older Military Surplus, it shows up in less then favorable conditions. Whether the defect is a hole, tear, stained, etc. We deem it as unserviceable and take it out of circulation. 

Czech Desert Camo Rucksack Cover Being Upcycled To EDC Pouch

Once the material is washed and cleaned, we find the serviceable sections and start cutting them away at the seems in order to get as much good material as possible. 

Greek Lizard Camo getting upcycled into EDC Pouches

After discarding the unserviceable material it's time to lay the pattern out. The pattern will be the ultimate test of how many of these EDC pouches will be made. 

"Snip, Snip, Snip" Next is time to cut!  

Czech Desert and British Desert DPM EDC Pouches Being Upcycled

After all the cutting is done and the access waste is disposed of, our EDC Pouches begin to take life! 

We go ahead and pattern and cut the inside liner.

Utilizing an Ottertrex PU Waterproof fabric as our liner of choice. It's rugged, comes in great colors, and is used in an array of other specialty military clothing and equipment. 

Swiss Alepnflage Upcycled EDC Pouch Receiving YKK Zipper

YKK zippers have some of the best fictionality in the zipper game. Zipping consistently in all environments and incredibly long lasting. Zipper failure is something no one ever wants to deal with. So we take the worry out of ever having zipper failure again. 

We sew it all up and add some MOLLE compliant elastic webbing for some extra storage of bigger EDC Tools and add our Military Spec Rings and attachments.

Attachements for EDC Upcycled Pouches

Allowing you to carry on a Plate Carrier, Grim-Lock, Belt, Literally anywhere. 

Perfect sizing for a small altoids tin for a quick small kit to attach to a main rig.

All in all Once we are only able to make as many as material allows so most of these are on an extreme Micro-Batch Limited Edition only having 5-10 per pattern made ever.

Sewing up Upcycled EDC Pouches

We cannot guarantee that we will ever make the same pattern again, so we make sure to build it perfectly the first time.

We want this to not only be a cool piece of gear but also incredible functional and long lasting allowing you to survive in confidence in any situation.

Various Upcycled EDC Pouches 



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