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Helikon-Tex is founded on a true passion for adventures and spending a great time outdoors. Over 35 years of experience gives us a solid background to push ahead of the game and deliver cutting edge designs to match your expectations.

Helikon-Tex is a renowned brand in the outdoor and tactical gear industry, known for its high-quality and innovative products. The Helikon-Tex Bushcraft line is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and bushcraft practitioners who value reliability, functionality, and durability in their gear. Here's why you should consider Helikon-Tex Bushcraft gear for your outdoor adventures:

Quality Construction: Helikon-Tex Bushcraft products are crafted from high-quality materials and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain, camping in the wilderness, or practicing bushcraft skills, you can trust that your gear will hold up to the demands of your adventures.

Functional Design: Helikon-Tex Bushcraft gear is designed with practicality in mind, featuring thoughtful design elements that enhance usability in the field. From multi-functional pockets and compartments for organizing gear to reinforced stitching and durable hardware, every detail is carefully considered to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

Versatility: Whether you're setting up camp, building a shelter, or starting a fire, Helikon-Tex Bushcraft gear is designed to adapt to a variety of outdoor activities and survival situations. From clothing and backpacks to tools and accessories, the Bushcraft line offers a comprehensive range of products to support your outdoor adventures.

Comfort and Performance: Helikon-Tex Bushcraft gear is designed to prioritize comfort and performance, allowing you to move freely and comfortably while engaging in outdoor activities. Whether you're trekking for miles or spending extended periods in the wilderness, you can rely on your gear to keep you comfortable and supported throughout your journey.

Innovative Features: Helikon-Tex is known for its commitment to innovation, and the Bushcraft line is no exception. From advanced fabric technologies that provide protection from the elements to innovative gear designs that optimize functionality and performance, Helikon-Tex Bushcraft products are equipped with the latest advancements to enhance your outdoor experience.

Trusted by Professionals: Helikon-Tex gear is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and professionals around the world, including military personnel, law enforcement officers, and emergency responders. The Bushcraft line is designed to meet the high standards of these professionals, ensuring reliability and performance in any outdoor environment.

Overall, Helikon-Tex Bushcraft gear offers a combination of quality construction, functional design, versatility, comfort, innovation, and professional-grade performance that makes it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, honing your bushcraft skills, or preparing for emergency situations, Helikon-Tex Bushcraft gear has you covered.

If you’re into shooting sports, bushcraft, trekking, urban survival or simply seek for high-quality functional gear and garments, we’re here to present you with our Urban, Range, Patrol, Outback and Bushcraft lines.

  • Helikon-Tex SUPERTARP Earth Brown Polyester Ripstopp
    Helikon-Tex SUPERTARP PenCot® WildWood™ Polyester Ripstopp

    Helikon-Tex | SUPERTARP

    from $74.99
    4 colors available

    Helikon-Tex has created a universal shelter cape for bivouac, bushcraft, and minimalists alike! Introducing the Helikon Tex SuperTarp! The Helikon...

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    from $74.99
  • Helikon-Tex SUPERTARP Small in bag
    Helikon-Tex SUPERTARP Small PL Woodland

    Helikon-Tex | SUPERTARP | Small

    5 colors available

    Building a shelter in the wild is crucial if you want to survive any harsh weather conditions. The Helicon-Tex  SUPERTARP SMALL is the perfect item...

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