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About Us

Welcome and thanks for visiting us here at Better Bushcraft! 
We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve you and help you in creating memories that will last a lifetime with the appropriate gear that will last generations. 

The Better Bushcraft team have a passion for the outdoors and a low tolerance for inferior equipment. Our team is passionate for Bushcraft, Survival, and Military Surplus equipment alike bringing value to the marketplace.  

With every passing year, the market is saturated with lousy, poor quality, and inefficient equipment. That's where we come in!
We here at Better Bushcraft have done ALL the heavy lifting for you already. Whether it's Survival, Camping, Bushcraft, Fieldcraft, or Prepping a Bug Out Bag; we want to help you get there and not just survive, but thrive in any environment you may find yourself in. 
We saw the need for a place where the best of the best of all Bushcraft & Survival accessories are available at a one stop shop. No more bouncing between endless websites comparing products, it's ALL here!

We also would like to invite you to our brick and mortar retail store! Where you can get everything you need in real time with a real human! 
Online or in our Store, you can still expect an experience unlike any other, free shipping in the contiguous USA, and fantastic customer service! We want to help you through this process, no matter what experience you have.
Our business was born from the same passion and desires as yourself, and here at Better Bushcraft, we live by these 6 core values.


We do the right thing, every time.  Always. We do business with the highest standards of ethics and professional behavior. We approach every situation with the upmost integrity. We want to earn your trust and provide you with an everlasting sense of ease when it comes to getting value out of all the equipment we sell here.  



We believe in a high level of excellence in all we do. From vacuuming our stores, to helping out our community. We believe in a strong work ethic and strive for excellence for every task we come across, regardless of size. 

Service Before Self

Plain and simple, we are here for YOU, the customer.  Our goal is to deliver the WOW factor in service.  We strive for excellence in customer service and are driven to provide and create value and excellence at all times.

Be Helpful

We love to help and that's the bottom line. If you have an issue in our store or on our website, we encourage you to reach out and let us be of help. Our devoted team of hard working Americans are ready to aide and be of any help, anytime. 

Be Authentic

We guarantee to be authentic with you every step of the process. We aren't afraid to not know things as we are always learning. Our team is comprised of hard working dedicated Americans ready to help. We won't string someone along or try and convince you of stuff you don't need. If you have a problem, we aim to solve it in the most authentic way possible. 


Always Keep Learning

We at Better Bushcraft push ourselves, our team, and our families to always continue learning. No matter if it is Books, Videos, Podcasts, or Schooling. We push for a continuance of learning above all else. Knowledge is in fact power.