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Defcon5 is a huge player in the tactical equipment market.

Bringing ultimate value to its customers by being a fore front leader in design and technology.

Field tested in the elements, for the elements, you can be sure that you're receiving a quality product every single time. 

DEFCON 5 is an Italian company known for designing and manufacturing tactical equipment. They specialize in providing gear for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some general categories of tactical equipment that DEFCON 5 may offer:

  1. Tactical Clothing:

    • DEFCON 5 produces clothing designed for tactical purposes, which may include uniforms, jackets, pants, and shirts. These items often feature durable materials, camouflage patterns, and specialized pockets for tactical use.
  2. Backpacks and Bags:

    • DEFCON 5 offers a variety of tactical backpacks and bags suitable for different purposes. These may include daypacks, assault packs, and larger backpacks designed for military or outdoor activities. Tactical backpacks typically have features like MOLLE webbing for customization.
  3. Protective Gear:

    • Tactical gear may also include protective equipment such as body armor, helmets, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and other items designed to enhance personal safety in various operational environments.
  4. Hydration Systems:

    • DEFCON 5 may offer hydration systems, including hydration packs or water carriers designed for use in the field. These systems are crucial for individuals who need to stay hydrated during extended operations.
  5. Accessories:

    • Tactical accessories from DEFCON 5 might include items like gloves, belts, holsters, pouches, and other gear designed to enhance functionality and efficiency in tactical situations.
  6. Survival and Outdoor Equipment:

    • Some of DEFCON 5's products may extend beyond tactical gear to include survival and outdoor equipment. This can include items like tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor essentials.
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