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Greek | Hellenic (Lizard Camo)

Greek | Hellenic (Lizard Camo)

Greek Lizard camouflage, also known as "Greece Hellenic" or simply "Lizard," is a distinctive camouflage pattern used by the Greek Armed Forces. Here are the key characteristics of Greek Lizard camo:

Color Scheme: The pattern typically features shades of green, brown, and beige, arranged in a mixture of irregular shapes and lines. These colors are designed to blend into the Mediterranean landscape found in Greece, including woodland, scrubland, and rocky terrains.

Pattern Design: The design of Greek Lizard camo includes various geometric shapes such as polygons, rectangles, and irregular forms. These shapes are distributed across the fabric in a way that disrupts the outline of the wearer, providing effective concealment.

Variants: There are several variants of Greek Lizard camo tailored for different environments and seasons. These include versions optimized for woodland areas, arid landscapes, and mountainous regions, ensuring versatility for various operational needs.

Usage: Greek Lizard camo is utilized by all branches of the Greek Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. It is worn by personnel in combat uniforms, as well as utilized for equipment and vehicles to provide effective camouflage and reduce visibility.

Recognition: The pattern is recognizable for its unique combination of colors and geometric shapes, which distinguish it from other camouflage patterns used by neighboring countries and NATO allies.

Greek Lizard camouflage exemplifies Greece's strategic approach to developing camouflage patterns that blend effectively with its diverse and rugged terrain, enhancing operational effectiveness and survivability for military personnel.